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Browning Maxus Shotgun Summer Raffle

Drawing Date: Waterfowlers Summit on August 11, 2016


Maxus Mossy Oak® Bottomlands Camo
Dura-Touch camo finish, aluminum alloy receiver, Lightning Trigger, Speed Lock Forearm, Power Drive Gas System, autoloader waterfowl shotgun.

Be Careful When You Set It Down. Mossy Oak’s Bottomlands Camo is so effective that you’ll want to be careful when it comes to setting it down in the marsh – it might take you a minute to find it again. This camo finish is applied with Browing’s Dura-Touch Armor Coating, an incredibly comfortable finish that feels warm to the touch on cold mornings and provides a positive gripping surface even when it’s wet.

Every feature on the Maxus is premium and well-engineered. The PowerDrive Gas System is capable of cycling a wide range of loads and will take a good deal of the sting out of those 3 1/2″ magnum goose loads. Likewise, the Lightning Trigger, with the fast trigger lock time of any autoloader trigger in its class, will improve your chances of staying on target when you’re trying to reach out to those high flying honkers.

Aluminum alloy construction. This feature of the Maxus’s receiver contributes to its low overall weight, something the hard core duck hunter will appreciate when you’re lugging 40 decoys in a pack through thigh-deep mud and muck to your favorite spot that no one else is willing to slog to.


United Waterfowlers – Florida, Inc.

is a waterfowling organization in the state of Florida whose mission is the improvement of duck hunting in our state.

About UW-F

UW-F is a Florida organization concentrating on the improvement of duck hunting opportunities and success in Florida. UW-F will not fill your mailbox with donation requests. UW-F operation expenses are covered by the $25.00 annual dues and a few raffles per year. UW-F does not raise funds for transfer to national projects.

UW-F does act as an informal political action committee, participating in political matters that the charters of DU and Delta may not allow. UW-F is the VOICE of Florida duck hunters in numerous meetings and hearings across Florida. We take a three tiered approach to improving duck hunting by focusing on conservation, access, and legacy. Take faith in knowing that supporting this raffle works directly to improve our marshes, our hunting, and our tradition.

“The raffle items are the property of United Waterfowlers, FL, INC., P.O. Box 16205, Plantation, FL 33318. Suggested donations are $5 per ticket or $20 for five tickets. No purchase necessary. You do not have to be present to win. You do not have to “donate” to receive raffle tickets. The drawing for the raffle will be on (Date TBA). This raffle is void where prohibited by law.”