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By becoming a member of United Waterfowlers Florida you allow us to continue making a difference for today’s and future generations of Waterfowlers. We fight for the rights of all waterfowlers through out the state of Florida.

Regular & Youth MEMBERSHIP

This level receives a membership sticker (choose either Teal or Ringer sticker), quarterly newsletter, and access to members-only areas of the United Waterfowlers – Florida website.



Sponsor MEMBERSHIP $100.00

This level membership receives a high quality hat with an embroidered logo or t-shirt, membership stickers (teal and ringer), quarterly newsletter, access to members-only areas of the United Waterfowlers – Florida website, and advertisement banner for your company on our website and forums.


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UW-F does act as an informal political action committee, participating in political matters that the charters of DU and Delta may not allow. UW-F is the VOICE of Florida duck hunters in numerous meetings and hearings across Florida. We take a three tiered approach to improving duck hunting by focusing on conservation, access, and legacy.

United Waterfowlers – Florida, Inc.is a waterfowling organization in the state of Florida whose mission is the improvement of duck hunting in our state. UW-F is a Florida organization concentrating on the improvement of duck hunting opportunities and success in Florida.