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Old 05-18-2020, 12:51 PM
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Some Updates from UW-F

We are in a long and sometimes controversial process of establishing a new USACE management schedule for the Lake Okeechobee levels and water movements. About 2 years. LORS22008 is being replaced with LOSOM....basically a complicated system of actions to be taken when the Lake is at certain levels at certain times of the year and with certain weather forecasts....the USACE considers these schedules as "military orders". There is a dangerous proposal to set the low level at 10.5 feet at the end of the dry season...currently the number is 12.5 feet. That would mean driving the Lake down to drought levels every year...and a disaster for the marshes and Lake habitats. UW-F is fighting that proposal...and supporting the science of 12 feet and 15 feet for the low and top targets.

UW-F is working with the SFWMD to see if the FEB 1 quota permits can not be eliminated, especially with the changes in the Morning Walk in Program at the nearby STAS....The 100 permits are never all used...and were put on the first year we opened the FEB because no one knew what the pressure would be...That is no longer needed....We hope to see the quotas removed.

The UW-F Board voted to oppose the proposed new Toll Roads in N W Florida (peninsula) that would carve out new development zones in what is now natural lands and ranches.

Currently, plans for the new Reservoirs and STAs north of Lake O and west of Lake O at the headwaters of the Caloosahatchee are being developed with boat ramps and public access features. These projects are years away...but you must be in the initial plans or there will be no access.

Despite the lack of public meetings by the Water Management Districts and the FWC, UW-F continues to work with the staffs and leadership on issues.
N. Cook
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