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Old 05-16-2020, 02:28 PM
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Re: Browning BPS composite field 10 gauge

A most humbling hunt many years ago- i not only left my two guns in the truck, after returning for them, could not find my dozen and a half Herters 72's in the marsh. I owe much of this to fatigue and it was in the pre-gps era...many years later one of those 72's was found by a member here! I recounted the story to him. I am now confessing it here in public for the first time, hope i can find forgiveness!😁
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Old 05-16-2020, 03:43 PM
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Re: Browning BPS composite field 10 gauge

Oh man, a tough loss for sure, those Herter's 72's are sweet decoys. Hopefully whoever found them is still shooting ducks over them. I too lost some decoys once, kind of an embarrassing story. Sometime in the early 90's we were headed to the lake at O-dark thirty and when we arrived we got out to load the boat and discovered one of our 2 decoy bags was missing. We always carried them in the boat, had done it 100 times, but obviously didn't tie them down properly this time and lost one bag on the way. We backtracked nearly all the way home but didn't find them.

They were Carry-Lite Bluebills, about 2-3 dozen, but decent quality for plastic dekes. Man, we shot a lot of Ringnecks over those things over the years. I've actually still got 3 dozen Carry-Lites in my garage, original paint and all, and I still shoot ducks over them. I keep plugging the occasional shot holes and will use them as long as they continue to pull in ducks or until they can't be fixed.

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