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Taking some Aussies hog hunting

Got a chance to take my brothers son in law and his Father shooting then on a hog hunt. They were both amazed when we went into a Bas Pro and they were able to see so MANY guns right there and all the ammo.

It drove them nuts that all we had to do was pick up the ammo we wanted and take it to the cash register and pay for it and walk out. See they are from Australia and the BS they have to go through to buy ammo is only topped by the MOUNDS of paperwork and REAL BS to buy a gun......and DON'T think you can buy an AR15 there...LOL!!!........ This is the world your Demotards want.......... Watch the F out there.......
Anyway they both got to take a hog with an AR15 my brother got his with a 44 magnum and this time I struck out getting the biggest one and got the smallest one Well I did take it out with a 10 mm...............LOTS of great eats were cleaned and taken home that trip...
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