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Re: Male Lab to breed my Yellow Female

I didn't know if any test were done , because nothing in your post indicated any other than saying your dog was AKC . Sorry , I've been in the retriever game a long time , when looking for a mate , we would asked for bloodline ( like Lean Mac or Rebel without a cause ) . That would tell me Field trial genes , could be to much dog for a first time trainer . We always asked for test on the sire and dam . Just by knowing the Lean Mac Bloodline , it's a known carrier of the EIC gene . That means that I cannot breed to to another carrier . If I was breeding one of my labs , I've would have stated what test with the cert number which you can look for yourself were done up front and would required the same from the other owner . Also what titles ( HUNT TEST - HRCH or MH ) or Field Trial like open jam or AFC and FC . Even for straight up hunting dogs , I would still want tests . @ rcmannjr , forgot about CNM , lol . Thanks for keeping me in line .
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