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Re: Male Lab to breed my Yellow Female

Originally Posted by dogyak View Post
Just a crazy question here . Doesn't anyone care about test , for example . If one of the dogs is a EIC carrier and is bred to another carrier . The pups would most likely have EIC . Sorry , not wanted to offend anyone , but I've been involve with retriever's my hole life . I hate when I have people bring me their dogs to help train and they start having problems with hips and such . The dogs should have OFA hips , elbows , knees clear . Hips exam , the dog has to be at least 2 to be done . Also EIC and eyes . Just passing info for others that don't know much about the current health issues of today . Hate when someone pays big bucks for a lame dog in the future .
Don't forget CNM in addition to all of the above.
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