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Re: Golden retriever hair cut

Get a GOOD pair of clippers. Seriously. What it costs for one grooming session at a groomers, you can buy a good pair of clippers. I have a toller that I clip in the summer....I use scissors to cut the length, using my fingers with hair between the fingers against the skin and cut the hair that sticks up. That shortens it considerably. Then i'll use the clippers. I have a poor set of clippers that get the job done, but it will over heat and trip the breaker sometimes, especially if I don't trim him first like described above.

Wash him first. if he's anything like my boy is, then he's probably very oily (most retrievers are anyway). You don't want to gunk up your clippers quick with oily hair.

Start with the longest guard then work your way shorter. The first cut of the summer takes me close to two hours from start to finish (I have a hard time getting some areas since Kenzie doesn't like some areas touched with a clipper). After that, it's a breeze every two-three weeks I re-trim him. Easy. Saves you LOTS of money from the groomer.

I too did the scissor route. My dad first saw him after I finished and though Kenzie felt so much better because he wasn't so hot, my dad's response was WHAT THE **** DID YOU DO TO YOUR DOG? And the vet asked me if I was trying to make him spotted like a leopard (and I've not lived that down and don't expect I ever will).
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