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Re: Recurring Rash Issue - Pup

Thank you for responding.

I actually thought this was the only other thing it could be -- so last week we stopped with the plastic toys -- and yes, he LOVES empty water bottles. He is like a kid with the big empty boxes, he flips them and throws them, then pounces. Gallon jugs or liter bottles -- those are a complete riot.

So we are watching very closely to see if it will stay away if we keep the plastic "toys" away from him. Only other thing could be branches and sticks he picks up and chews (before we can get them away from him). But, up here in MN these are completely different types of trees/sticks than what we have in FL.

I sure hope it is the plastics. The next question is bottled water -- i know they say there are huge particulate counts of plastics in them. We will see.

Appreciate the feedback!
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