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Broadmoore TM Goodwin Unit Dec 9

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  • Broadmoore TM Goodwin Unit Dec 9

    Duck Hunters. I am a relatively new member, only about one year. I consider myself a hardcore duck hunter for sure, but sidelined by small children (2 and 4). I have a Broadmoore permit for Dec 9 and I am looking for information or a guide for that day. I can get off for day to hunt with a buddy or two but I have no idea where to start at Broadmoore. Is anyone looking to show me around a day in turn for a spot hunting with us and a ticket in the gate? I am looking to shoot Whistling Ducks and big ducks (pintail, widgeon, greys). If you have accurate info what unit to hit up in Broadmoore this year, please send me a message. I have all equipment and been duck hunting for 30 years and I we can walk and paddle to the other end of the earth to have a good hunt. I have john boat,carts, and canoe for whatever needed. If someone could give me some insight it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Broadmoore TM Goodwin Unit Dec 9

    Welcome Aboard!! I am sure that someone will take you up on that great offer. Good Luck and GREAT hunting!!!

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      Re: Broadmoore TM Goodwin Unit Dec 9

      what is your pick number.


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        Re: Broadmoore TM Goodwin Unit Dec 9

        #8 I believe


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          Re: Broadmoore TM Goodwin Unit Dec 9

          I just texted you about the hunt. Let me know what you think?
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            Re: Broadmoore TM Goodwin Unit Dec 9

            You shouldn't have any problem finding someone to hunt with you. That's the best way to go. You can trailer a boat and launch for Broadmoor. 40HP and under. Make sure you have a good boat blind, most of the Broadmoor cells are pretty wide open.


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              Re: Broadmoore TM Goodwin Unit Dec 9

              I'll go with you.. For sure
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                Re: Broadmoore TM Goodwin Unit Dec 9

                Pick me, pick me!

                I live less than a half hour away from TMG.
                Come by Monday night & have dinner at my place.
                I've got plenty of room for you.

                You've worked hard.
                You love your family.
                If not now...when?



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                  Re: Broadmoore TM Goodwin Unit Dec 9

                  Hello Duck Hunters,

                  I am also new to the forum but not new to duckin'. It is a passion (ALMOST AN ADDICTION ACCORDING TO THE WIFE). Just drew my first hunt in Broadmoor and have been scouring the net for any info I can find. unfortunately, we have four hunters for this trip so we can not ask a local to join us to help with some local info. I am confused about boats on this marsh. The STA hunts we have done have all been accomplished with a canoe; looking at Broadmoor it would appear that a canoe might be best there also. Although they allow motors I don't see any boat ramps (none on the brochure and none I can see on GE) on Broadmoor.

                  Any input would be appreciated!