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Old 12-08-2017, 08:17 AM
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Re: Lake Rousseau Hydrilla Treatment

Here is my knowledge for what its worth. First off, I have lived, fished, and hunted the "Backwaters" (Rousseau) for 30 years. I have also been employed by the local government Aquatics department for a breif spell. While we only managed small parcels of the lake, there was plenty of communication between us, FWC, and Applied Aquatics. I have expressed concerns to past and current supervisors of the lake. I cant tell you how many times I have been given the "dark water" coming up the river story while they sprayed anyhow. Why spray if the tannic acid will kill the hydrilla? This year, the Withlacochee almost reached historic flooding levels, the hydrilla never died back? In fact it thrived.
As far as our spraying, FWC gave us an approved amount of acres for each and every aquatic plant to be sprayed yearly. Usually total acres allowed was rather excessive. So, for simplicity sake, lets say we were granted 1000 acres each of hydrilla, coontail, bladderwort, milfoil, etc, you can see where they know and expect collateral damage. In fact, our paperwork would show we targeted bladderwort for the day, but we were really "nuking" as much hydrilla as we could because the lead spray tech so some bladderwort plants in the mix. And you can also mix certain chemicals such as diquat and aquathol while remaining within the label and get results you need.Some chemicals such as Quest are EXTREMELY effective. In fact, after treatments with that we would see the spatterdock shriveling up 75 yards away. And dont think maximum spray rates are not used towards the end of the fiscal year. As if none of this is bad enough, I havent even touched on the spraying of willows torpedo grass and a host of other things. We would hammer willows with Diquat and it is labeled for hydrilla as well?
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