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Old 08-12-2019, 03:47 PM
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Mud Buddy Motors vs. Salt Water and Rain

Have had Mud motors with my hunt partner since 1988.First was a 9 HP Go Devil.Then 2001 25 HP Mud Buddy.We switched to a 25 HP Short tail Mud Buddy 5 years ago. This got us 10 MPH more and easier on my bad shoulder.
Then I even bought another 35 HP Gatortail souped up to a 50 HP for my Cast and Blast Custom Beavertail Skiff.

Never ran into what my partner found, that keeps the duck rig in his garage in Lake Worth when he pulled it out last week, as he does every 2 months to start and run in off season.It would not start?

He is one to do due diligence as an Eagle Scout and former troop leader and a Rocket engineer having successfully launched his 86th Satellite from Cape Canaveral last Thursday.Following the maintenance instructions in the Mud Buddy manual.

He took the rig to the Lawn Mower repair center near by.It wasn't the engine but everything inside the lower unit that was frozen solid due to rust?

Emailed a dozen photos to Keith at Mud Buddy and heard nothing back for a week until today. Blames this on Salt water?Muddy Buddy is in Utah where they test and run motors in the Great Salt Lake? Also due to Florida Humidity and rain?We only hunt salt(brackish) when we got permits and last 2 years can't have motors in the Impounds so pushpole a Gheenoe.

Short story "not their problem". So anyone out there that has or plans to have a Mud Buddy better get them to send you a "latest version" of their maintenance updated 8/12/2019.

Will be happy to forward Keith's amazing email of 9 excuses and reasons for this design and parts material failures.
Fish or Cut Bait

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