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Old 02-08-2020, 08:44 AM
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KCOL Lakes Management Plan Meeting 02/06/2020

The meeting began at 6:03pm, and format of this meeting is what is typical for stakeholder input meetings by State and Federal agencies I have attended. Ryan Hamm with FWC was the facilitator and kept the meeting on schedule and moving along. He went over the purpose of the meeting and what they hoped to achieve with the outcome. The purpose of the meeting was to engage stakeholders and begin the process to develop a KCOL lakes management plan, something I have asked for in public comments for the last decade. There was a rehash of the IPM meeting from last July and then a few bullet points about the reason behind developing a plan. Afterward a break out where stations are set up around the room and stakeholders engage with staff in a more one on one setting engaging about the specific lake of interest or specific issue with FWC. After the time for this ran down a call to be seated for public comments to be presented. There were a dozen or more who provided passionate comments about various issues surrounding the KCOL. The process is in the early stages and will take several years to complete, but this is a good thing as issues can be discussed, defined and debated until all stakeholders are heard and FWC understands the details. A big thank you to FWC, SFWMD for the effort they put into this meeting. There was well over a hundred in attendance, many familiar faces and just as many new faces also at least 20 staff members from all over the state attended from FWC. If you want to have something to say about how the entire length of the KCOL is managed from Osceola/Orange county to lake Okeechobee these are the meetings you should take time to become involved with.

Last I would like to thank all the UWF members and other interested folks for attending this meeting in the inclement weather on a Thursday evening, this kind of dedication is what makes a difference.
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