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Old 10-06-2017, 06:46 AM
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SFWMD WRAC Meeting Report

A meeting with a lot of consensus on the need to use Deep Well Injection above the Lake to reduced the flows into Lake O and help keep the Lake at safe levels and reduce the need for the USACE to send damaging discharges out the C- 43 (St. Lucie) and C- 44 (Caloosahatchee). Only the Environmental Groups and US. Dept. of Interior objected. Usual suspects who consistently oppose most efforts north of the Lake to manage the massive flow of water during rain events. These people support large reservoirs south of the Lake. However, the math shows reservoirs quickly fill during a rain event and there are no places to send the water, so the system floods anyway. The only way to drain the system is "to sea'...today the C- 43 and C-44 are the only 'safety valves"...the Deep Injection Wells send water to sea via the 3000 ft deep Boulder Zone Aquifer.

All of this is important to duck hunters as the high water often closes the hundreds of thousands of acres of WCAs to access..floods the STAs...and the Lake goes over 16 feet drowning the marshes. We need to keep the Lake and marshes at levels good for the habitats.

Another side conversation with District Staff concerns the recent moves by the USFWS staff at the ARMLoxhatchee NWR discussion new access to the Refuge. (the threat by the SFWMD to take the Refuge back from the Dept. of Interior due to mismanagement of the exotic invasive plants seems to have bought some "attention"!!!)....The Staff there are all good people and the first steps are moving along. I will be asking for some public access to the north part of the Refuge...including duck hunting.

Most of the meeting was the reports and actions the SFWMD is taking to combat the threat of flooding from Orlando to the Florida Keys....a herculean amount of work.

I was able to thank the SFWMD and FWC staff on hand for getting as much of the public land open as possible, the STAs and WCAs, to public access, including hunting.
N. Cook
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