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Old 04-13-2018, 02:50 PM
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Recurring Rash Issue - Pup

So we have a 13 month male lab (English). Over the past several months we have been working with the local vet to try and isolate an issue.

He gets a very red patch on his stomach (just above his ....) -- it is about 2-4" long and about 2 or so inches wide. He also gets red on either side of his testicles. He generally doesn't seem to be affected by this, although he does lick every now and then, but nothing out of what I would consider normal for a dog. Whatever it is, it does seem to "ooze" as he gets kind of crusty, especially as it starts to go away.

What we have done:
  • He is on a VERY strict diet. He is now on (and has been for about 2 or 3 months) Ultimino. We have worked all the way up to this from other prescribed foods. He gets nothing else.
  • He was on a steroid and that really cleared him up. He finished it about 5 days ago and the "rash" has started to re-appear. This was the first time and he really responded well to this.
  • He is still on an antibiotic -- this is about the 4th time for this.
  • We tried some "lipid" type spray (i think) but he kept licking it off. Plus there was no real change.
  • We have skipped bathing him as well
  • We only use an all natural (next gen) laundry detergent that is all natural -- switched a while ago from any of the "people" type stuff.

We were thinking it even had something to do with the grass in FL. However, we arrived up here in MN over the weekend, so it is really cold so we have completely changed his environment.

We are doing and trying everything we and our vet can think of. Once we get back we will do the blood test to check for allergies. But, being in MN, I think we have completely changed his normal environmental type influences.

Any help or things to try at this point would be appreciated!
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Old 04-15-2018, 09:27 AM
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Re: Recurring Rash Issue - Pup

Sounds very suspicious of a staph hypersensitivity. Could be other things too. Sounds like they are starting to look. I would suggest considering a dermatologist if possible.
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Old 04-15-2018, 07:24 PM
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Re: Recurring Rash Issue - Pup

Thanks for the response.

Do you think the Staph could also occur while he is on antibiotics? We actually just finished a dose yesterday so he had a pretty solid amount in him when this last bout of the rash occurred. We have done the "scrape" of the area and that is why she put him on the antibiotics.

Our vet has also mentioned a dermatologist as well as doing the allergy test. Since we were able to completely change his environment (we are in MN for a few weeks) we are hoping to rule out many of the environmental possibilities.

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