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Old 02-05-2018, 11:26 AM
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Re: Copperhead reviews

Estaban. What make/model boat is that? do you know the weight and transom width...Trying to make a comparison.
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Old 02-05-2018, 06:43 PM
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Re: Copperhead reviews

Well, as I said in my first post, this is a semi-custom fiberglass boat made by a small fiberglass manufacturing company south of Ocala. They weren't mass produced, I think they made less than 100 of these, and getting one of these was all by word of mouth. I don't believe they've made any in several years, might not make any more down the road either.

So there's no make or model on this boat. It's all fiberglass, which makes it pretty heavy, and best I can tell is that it weighs somewhere around 200 lbs although it could be less than that. The boat itself is 13' long, it's around 62" at the widest point a few feet ahead of the transom, which is about 54" wide, and tapers down to about 18" at the nose. The transom is about 16" deep, maybe 15.5" as I had to cut it down a couple of inches to fit the Copperhead motor.

The interior is around 14" deep from the floor up to the top of the rim around the cockpit, that rim is about 4" higher than the sides of the boat (and there's a fair amount of storage under those sides). I think it needs about 4"-6" to float it, and while I don't know for sure I'd guess it could run in something less than that while up on plane with that motor. These numbers aren't exact, but they're pretty close and give you an idea of that this thing is like. Hope this helps. If you want any more pictures of the boat or the interior just PM me and I'll give you my email as that's a much easier way to send photos.

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Old 02-09-2018, 05:30 AM
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Re: Copperhead reviews

I know Copperhead made a handful of 28 Subaru motors (I believe Gatortail did too)...wonder what happened to that? I had a 1544 alweld before the present 1648 grizzly and that was a stout .090 gauge hull and ran well with a 25 GoDevil LT. From experience, would not want to go narrower than a 44" bottom width, 48" ideal for my circumstances and 1748/1848 light hull flat bottom probably the best.
As I have mentioned before, Backwater makes a fine product and the newer platform does not have a u-joint, has a larger diameter shaft and hex hub prop, if you want to stay with the LT drive.
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