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Re: Federal "new" Speed shok v Ultra sho

My 20 Gauge BSS is a 1981 model, it was in excellent condition when I purchased it, it has 26" barrels, IC and MOD fixed chokes, and it's the sporter model with the English style straight stock. For some reason I've always liked the look of those straight stock guns, perhaps a throwback to the days of the old west.

I also put a slip-on recoil pad on the back for additional recoil absorption, but more for adding an additional 1" length of pull than anything else as I'm about 6'-2" tall and have long arms. I've been shooting sporting clays with it on a fairly regular basis and just really like the way it handles and shoots. I will definitely think about using it for duck hunting this coming season. Might even think about getting one of these in 12 gauge as well so I'll have a matched pair...

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QUOTA PERMITS...the root of all evil in florida hunting.
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