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Re: Federal "new" Speed shok v Ultra sho

I've been using #4's for about as long as I can remember, they work really well on just about anything I have the chance to shoot up in this part of the state. But then I'm not inclined to take shots much beyond 35 yards if I can help it and the #4's are perfectly fine at that range. Although I will say that late season Ringnecks can be a bit tougher than, say, BW Teal, but still not much of a problem when shooting close over decoys.

I suppose the bottom line is that people are going to use whatever brand and shot size they are comfortable and confident with, and that's fine, so everyone's opinion on what is best is just that, an opinion. I'm sure you will do well with whatever you decide to purchase.

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QUOTA PERMITS...the root of all evil in florida hunting.
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