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Raul G 05-18-2019 09:23 AM

Federal "new" Speed shok v Ultra sho
Federal blues have been good but on the dirty side. New ones are claimed to be cleaner. Ultra shok is 30$ more per case (109$ v 129$- Rogers). Any reviews? I need 3" 12 ga #3 1 1/4 oz loads...

Esteban 05-19-2019 01:43 PM

Re: Federal "new" Speed shok v Ultra sho
If it were me, I'd go with Kent Fasteel. Rogers currently has the 3", 1 1/4 oz on sale for $124.99 / case. It says #1 shot, but I believe it also lists #3 shot size so suspect that's available for the same price. I don't know what shipping would be, that could add a few bucks, but it's a better deal than the Ultra Shok.

I've been using Kent Fasteel exclusively for quite a few years now, it patterns and shoots really well in my Browning, and seems to be fairly clean. But I clean my gun after every hunt anyway so that really isn't an issue for me. I just really like the performance I get from it and will likely get another case to have on hand even if I don't think I'll need it next season.

Raul G 05-19-2019 07:27 PM

Re: Federal "new" Speed shok v Ultra sho
Used Kent before my current five year plan with Federal, nothing wrong with them at all. I like #3 shot better than #4- gets those ringers good! I might mix and match. Rio has also been a surprise- they are introducing a biodegradable shell this fall.

Esteban 05-19-2019 08:37 PM

Re: Federal "new" Speed shok v Ultra sho
I've been using #4's for about as long as I can remember, they work really well on just about anything I have the chance to shoot up in this part of the state. But then I'm not inclined to take shots much beyond 35 yards if I can help it and the #4's are perfectly fine at that range. Although I will say that late season Ringnecks can be a bit tougher than, say, BW Teal, but still not much of a problem when shooting close over decoys.

I suppose the bottom line is that people are going to use whatever brand and shot size they are comfortable and confident with, and that's fine, so everyone's opinion on what is best is just that, an opinion. I'm sure you will do well with whatever you decide to purchase.

Raul G 05-20-2019 07:24 AM

Re: Federal "new" Speed shok v Ultra sho
Like you, I have become wise and it is primarily over the decoys- IC and #3 are deadly...#4 is ok but I have to follow up more. Occasionally I team up my two 20 ga guns and use 3" #4 loads also with IC and they actually seem to work better than 12 ga. loads.

Esteban 05-20-2019 08:28 AM

Re: Federal "new" Speed shok v Ultra sho
I haven't used my 20 gauge duck hunting yet, but with the right loads over decoys I'm sure it would be fine (and fun too!). Using #3's or even #4's with an IC choke would do the trick, and I guess it shouldn't surprise me that the 20 gauge was as good or better than the 12 gauge at close range.

I bought a Browning BSS 20 gauge last year to use for dove and quail hunting, but think I might give it a try on ducks this coming season. There's something nostalgic about using a side by side in the duck blind that I find appealing.

Raul G 05-20-2019 09:50 AM

Re: Federal "new" Speed shok v Ultra sho
Wow- one gun I regret I sold, it was a 1981 Browning BSS 12 ga. beavertail forearm/pistol grip choked IC/MOD. Sweet and I never seemed to miss when I used it, though I used it sparingly. I did put a slip on pad to lessen recoil but it sure kept you awake. I sold it to partly finance a new mud motor- shucks!
I wrote to Browning and they said as long as I used nothing larger than #1 steel shot it was ok. That 20 gauge should be fine for ducks!

Esteban 05-21-2019 12:47 PM

Re: Federal "new" Speed shok v Ultra sho
My 20 Gauge BSS is a 1981 model, it was in excellent condition when I purchased it, it has 26" barrels, IC and MOD fixed chokes, and it's the sporter model with the English style straight stock. For some reason I've always liked the look of those straight stock guns, perhaps a throwback to the days of the old west.

I also put a slip-on recoil pad on the back for additional recoil absorption, but more for adding an additional 1" length of pull than anything else as I'm about 6'-2" tall and have long arms. I've been shooting sporting clays with it on a fairly regular basis and just really like the way it handles and shoots. I will definitely think about using it for duck hunting this coming season. Might even think about getting one of these in 12 gauge as well so I'll have a matched pair...

Raul G 05-21-2019 01:44 PM

Re: Federal "new" Speed shok v Ultra sho
I think I could trade my shotgun collection for that one BSS 12 ga. gun. It was a great shooter, well balanced, and like you, needed that pad for a better fit. I actually took it turkey hunting with one of those slip slings! You can always try bismuth shot if you are concerned about barrel wear or bulging, but Browning stated steel shot was ok.
I almost bought a Stoeger Longfowler SxS, not sure if they are still available.
I tried an O/U but favor the balance and feel of the side by side better.:thumbsup:

Esteban 05-22-2019 09:23 PM

Re: Federal "new" Speed shok v Ultra sho
I guess I've always had a thing for double barrel guns in some fashion. The very first shotgun I ever bought was some no-name 12 gauge side by side I bought from my brother-in-law. It had 30" barrels, fixed chokes modified and full and felt like it weighed 10 lbs. Man, I enjoyed shooting that thing, killed my share of doves and ducks with it too until one of the barrels stopped firing. But I was hooked on SxS guns and have wanted another one ever since. Something old school about the look and feel that's always appealed to me

In addition to the Browning BSS I have a pair of field grade Citoris, a 12 gauge and a 20 gauge, both from 1983, both 26" barrels, fixed choke IC and Mod, for all practical purposes a matched pair. I like the feel of them both, very balanced and easy to handle, but as I get older I seem to be drawn more towards the 20 gauge guns, especially the side by side. Maybe it's the lighter gun, maybe it's the challenge of using a smaller bore, whatever the reason I find that I really like my BSS better than the O/U guns.

Raul G 05-23-2019 09:01 AM

Re: Federal "new" Speed shok v Ultra sho
Nothing worse than keeping such a classic shotgun gathering dust! I have a BPS 20 ga pump, an engraved model with real nice wood- silky smooth straight shooter- I will shoot that one more often- maybe camo tape the barrel for spring turkey action.

Esteban 05-23-2019 01:57 PM

Re: Federal "new" Speed shok v Ultra sho
I've never been one to collect things, if I purchase something it's with the ful intent of using it. I have nothing against folks collecting things like guns, or duck calls, or old decoys, I just don't have the time or inclination to do that, and have sincere admiration for those that do. I just like using my things, or "toys" as the wife prefers to call them, so if I have something it will assuredly be used often enough to where it won't collect dust.

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